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PRE Andalusian Dressage Horses

PRE Andalusian horses have a generous character and natural talent for collection. It is a new breed on the international dressage arenas, and is becoming a popular choice for riders all over the world.

PRE Andalusian Horses and Dressage

The PRE Andalusian horse was not originally intended for high level sport. It was used to work in the fields and be shown in parades and fiestas. Today, PRE Andalusian dressage horses compete in dressage all the way to the Olympics. To supply this new market, breeders are learning about how to produce a modern quality sport horse. However, the large majority of PRE Andalusian horses today lack the strength, movements and gaits to beat the European warmbloods.

Spain and Dressage

Internationally, Spain is doing well on the dressage arenas. It has a number of top ranked international dressage riders. Spain even has some Olympic medalists in the sport. This is something that has greatly impacted the training of young horses and riders. As a result, there are PRE Andalusian horses today in Spain that enjoy first class care and dressage education. However, these horses are more the exception than the rule.

The understanding of the requirements for today’s dressage sport is low in the world of the purebred Spanish horse. Consequently, breeders, trainers and riders have much to learn with regards to the objectives, standards and qualifications of high level sport horses.

Due to these things above, it can be quite a challenge to find a good PRE Andalusian dressage horse in Spain.

More Information:
– For some images of PRE Andalusian horses competing in dressage in Spain, go here (links to external page)

We Have Fine PRE Andalusian Horses for Sale in Spain

We have a selection of PRE Andalusian dressage horses available. We also have quality PRE Andalusian horses for pleasure riding, conformation and breeding. Fill in the form below, and let us know how we can help you.


We help you find your PRE Andalusian horse for dressage, conformation or breeding in Spain. Preferring quality to quantity, we like to show you fine quality horses that are well trained for their purpose.

PRE Andalusian horses exist in all categories, from best-friend horses to  horses for international Grand Prix. When it comes to quality, you will normally get what you pay for. We can advise you on what is a realistic budget to achieve your objectives.


Grey Purebred Spanish Filly for Sale (2016)

Grey Spanish filly for sale in Spain. Excellent character and exclusive dressage origins, ready for export directly from the Scandinavian breeder in Spain.  Breed: Purebred Spanish horse (Pura Raza Española, PRE) Registered with ANCCE: Yes Character: Forward, energetic and sweet Training: Still living in the fields Born: 2016 Recommended for a future in FEI or …

Bay Purebred Spanish Stallion for Sale (2014)

Bay Purebred Spanish stallion for sale in Spain. Excellent character, ridden and ready for export directly from the Scandinavian breeder in Spain.  Breed: Pura Raza Española (PRE), registered with ANCCE Character: Forward, brave and noble Training: Ridden – walk, trot, canter, circles, diagonals Born: 2014 Recommended for: Pleasure riding, dressage, jumping, eventing, driving A possible …

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